Our Conference Statement

Interdisciplinary research constitutes the synthesis of two or more academic disciplines. The history of education evolved in such a way that various modes of study are categorised into a discipline, and thus separated by either implicit or explicit boundaries. Interdisciplinarity is a revolutionary way of learning that involves thinking beyond these traditional boundaries. Beyond this, transdisciplinary work is that which seeks to overcome the distinction of said boundaries to transcend their very categorisation.

Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research can help provide important contributions to salient contemporary questions. Responding to issues like global warming, the development of AI, or the breakdown of industrial forms of working life requires a more holistic approach that can deal with the complexities of such states of affairs. Beyond knowledge and research ideals, the significance of interdisciplinarity within higher education is becoming more prominent due to the negative consequences of specialised education on graduates competing in today’s job market.

Philosophy is indispensable for the debates across disciplines. It is complementary to a range of intellectual traditions and already often concerns contributions from the social, political, historical, economic, the aesthetic (and so on). As a discipline that concentrates on critical thinking and action, philosophy as a discipline is well poised for interdisciplinary thinking. We thus aim to showcase the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary potential of philosophy.