Our Keynotes:

Prof. Tina Chanter

Tina Chanter has published on contemporary French philosophy, drawing inspiration from a range of sources, including feminist theory, race theory, psychoanalysis, art, politics, film and tragedy. Her most recent books are: Whose Antigone? The Tragic Marginalisation of Slavery, and Art, Politics and Rancière: Broken Perceptions. She taught in the US, most recently in Chicago, before returning to the UK, where she worked and taught in Bristol and London before joining Newcastle University. 

Dr Elodie Roy:

Elodie A. Roy is a cultural theorist whose research engages with sound and visual art through the lens of material culture, affect, and ecological media theory. She is the author of Media, Materiality and Memory: Grounding the Groove, the co-editor of Phonographic Encounters: Mapping Transnational Cultures of Sound, 1890-1945 and of a special issue of Studies in Material Thinking. Forthcoming publications include the monograph Shellac in Visual and Sonic Culture. Unsettled Matter. She notably held research and teaching position at the Glasgow School of Art, the University of Glasgow, Humboldt University of Berlin, and is currently a Research Fellow at Northumbria University. 

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