Frequently Asked Questions

We’re going to list here queries we have received and anything mentioned to us that people would like clarifications on.

Can I apply if I have no formal background in Philosophy?

This depends very heavily on what you intend to do. We are running an interdisciplinary philosophy conference and do encourage those who are in other disciplines to consider applying. We are committed and deeply believe that co-operation between differing schools of thought is key. However this is a space for post-graduate philosophy, and we do believe that this requires a level of academic experience.

It is however completely acceptable that someone might have a Masters or PhD in another field that intersects, and then wishes to present this. For example a Masters graduate in Civic Engineering whose researched philosophical topics in the production of their thesis would be in a valid position to apply to this conference.

Does it have to be inter/transdisciplinary?

Yes, but what this requires really depends on the application.

Certain topics in philosophy classrooms are by nature interdisciplinary (e.g. Political Philosophy, Economic Philosophy or Ecological Philosophy) we are open to papers on these issues.

We would always recommend that you intend to consider scholarship from outside philosophy, but if you’re looking at a specific issue in a field of philosophy that transcends just the philosophy classroom then we are open to your papers and contributions.

What if I am not a post-graduate when I apply, but will be on the conference dates?

To present you either need to be a post-graduate student or someone with a post-graduate degree, and as such if you are starting an MA in the autumn you can of course qualify for this conference. Please just note the course you are starting and its institution in your Bio so we can see your intended route.

If you change your plans for your post-graduate degree post-submitting please notify us by email and let us know the updated information.

What counts toward the word count if I want to submit a written piece for the proceedings?

The 4,000 word count is only the text itself, thus things like the bibliography do not count.

Can I change my abstract?

Yes, just submit again.

Can I change my submission type?

Yes, just submit again. (or feel free if your paper will be the same to just indicate this in an email).

When will I hear back?

Once the submission team has met, however we will notify you that we have received your application. We will also email you if a document is missing from your application.

What if I miss the deadline?

We will still look at abstracts if possible, but of course yours will be lower priority than those who got in time.

How are abstracts reviewed?

All abstracts are blind reviewed by a team of post-graduate scholars. Once you email in your details will be removed from your application and put in a shared folder that our reviewers will assess. All abstracts will be scored, and then those scores will be tabulated. You will be successful or otherwise according to your score alone, and then contact information will be re-connected to abstracts for emailing.

Can two or more people submit together?

We are open to joint submissions to the conference as presentations or papers. If you wish to submit as a group we require a bio that contains info for all presenters.

We are also open to considering panels where multiple presenters could discuss one topic, and thus share one Q&A. If you wish to submit as a panel we need an abstract for each presenter as well as a joint paragraph on why you should present as a group. We will consider all such applications on a case by case basis.

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